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"Happy is your Grace that can translate
       the stubbornness of fortune into so quiet and
                              so sweet a style."

                        William Shakespeare

Gracie Mae's News Auxiliary

March, 2011

     I recently busted a move front and center at my school talent show.  Between singers, guitar players and dancers, my friends and I kind of rocked the show with our African Dance. 
     Let me tell you, if there were a talent show in my family, Luke (16) would do a light saber reenactment from Episode 6: Return of the Jedi.  Paul (15) would do an imitation of Grandpa telling stories at the dinner table, Lucy (10) would do her signature dance to the NCIS theme song, or maybe her imitation of Frozone from the Incredibles.  She is a girl of many talents.  I would probably dance with the refrigerator, my always strong and sturdy partner and if I ever get thirsty, I can just get a squirt from the water dispenser.
     Now, if it were an extended family talent show, the Algya kids (my cousins) would play soccer.  Annmarie, CY and my mom would have a contest of who could laugh the loudest or wet their pants first in a public place.  Luke and Jason (my uncle) would wrestle.  That just shows you a portion of how much fun we have when we are all together as one big, happy, loud and very funny family. 
     What would Dad do?  He would probably knock out a couple of walls and start building something.

Grace Vanderpool
Reporter About Town

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