Author Visits...                               


    "Talk low.  Talk slow.  And don't talk too much."
                                                          John Wayne
Schedule an Author Visit at your school or library.

Scheduling an author visit at your school or library is a great way to get your students excited about reading and writing.

Clare Vanderpool is represented by Random House Speakers Bureau  To book a school author visit, please contact: 

Lisa McClatchey at

Sneak Preview:  Here's a link from a visit school visit in South Carolina

Presentation Topics include: 


  • Moon Over Manifest—The Story behind the Story
  • Where Craft and Creativity Meet: Breathing life into the bones of a story
  • Writing from Memory: How recollection informs and nourishes writing.
  • Writing at Stop Lights: Finding the time and the courage to write in the midst of a busy life.

Materials Needed:
* LCD Projector for Power Point
* Screen
* Microphone
* Tech person on hand to sync the projector with my power point
   (I am not very computer savvy!)
* Podium
* Box of chocolates for the author (just kidding)

Here are some ways to make your author visit a success:

1.  The most important thing is to prepare the students by having them
      read or be familiar with the author's books.  The more they feel a 
      connection with the author the more they will gain from the event.

2.  Encourage the students to think up questions and write them down    
     ahead of time. 

3.  Let parents and the school community know about the author visit.       
     This is a great way to get parents involved and excited about what
     their child is reading.

4.  Many schools choose to sell the author's books on-site and schedule an
      opportunity for the author to autograph books.  This does provide a
     nice opportunity for students to get up close and personal with the
     author.  But of  course books should not have to be purchased in order
     to get an autograph.  The author can sign some pre-made bookmarks
     that can be run off on the school copier.

     For Local Book Sales:  Arranging to have books available can be done  
     through:   Watermark Books - (316)682-1181
                       Eighth Day Books - (316)683-9446

5.  Consider having a drawing for a signed copy of the author's book.
     The day is for the kids so make it fun!