Moon over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest

When 12-year-old Abilene jumps off the train in Manifest, Kan., in 1936 to stay with her father’s boyhood friend, little does she know her sojourn will take her back, via mesmerizing tales, newspaper clippings, curious mementoes and World War I letters, to Manifest as it was in 1918—and into the life of the mysterious boy nicknamed Jinx. The absolute necessity of story as a way to redemption and healing past wounds is at the heart of this beautiful debut, and readers will cherish every word up to the heartbreaking yet hopeful and deeply gratifying ending.” 

— Kirkus Starred Review

Navigating Early

Navigating Early

Early Auden is the “strangest of boys,” a savant who sweeps 13-year-old Jack Baker onto the Kennebec River and into an adventure rife with pirates, a volcano, a great white whale, a hundred-year-old woman, a lost hero, a hidden cave, a great Appalachian bear, and a timber rattlesnake.  For Early, the number pi tells a quest story that seems to play out as the boys walk their own path.

Navigating Early confirms Clare Vanderpool is a master of quiet, heartwarming stories that transport you to another time and place, the sort that appeal equally to adults and children. I can’t wait to see what journey she takes us on next.   

— Alice Marvels Book Review